Our solutions for your success.

With selected topics and solutions in our four areas of competence and six fields of expertise, we support you in actively shaping the future and increasing your company’s success.

Customer Experience Management

Customer satisfaction is an important driver of economic success. This knowledge is becoming more and more widespread among companies. As a result, the customer is moving more and more into the centre of company-wide initiatives and the customer voice is becoming an obligatory component in innovations and further developments.


CX Academy

CX management is here to stay. Many companies are creating their own CX units that are permanently responsible for the topic. Our holistic training is the way to build up the necessary internal know-how. Take advantage of our many years of expertise to train yourself or your colleagues or employees to become a CX Master.


Employer Experience Management

EX Management offers the opportunity to work constructively and with great pleasure on the experience. Experiencing this approach live in a pilot is an aha experience for many employees and also works council members – and dispels any doubts in an instant.


Consent Management

In order to be able to contact your customers digitally or by telephone in a legally secure manner, the corresponding consent is required according to the GDPR. Financial service providers have recognised this issue, but face a major challenge in implementing it. This is exactly where our approach comes in; we support you in the development of a holistic consent management approach.


Automotive & Mobility

Financial Services

Dashboards and Tools

We offer a range of ready-to-use tools for different requirements. You can find an overview in our “MyMSR” section. Contact us for more information.