CX Academy

What is the CX Academy?

The CX Academy is a joint institution of MSR Consulting Group and InMoment (formerly MaritzCX). We are united by a long-standing cooperation and a clear focus on one topic: Customer Experience Management. In addition, we see ourselves in a position to take a holistic view of CX and to address all the requirements that are placed on a CX manager.

What can you expect?

The CX Master training course is aimed at all those who have central responsibility for a company’s CX programme. Thanks to our modular structure, both beginners and experienced participants get their money’s worth. The focus is less on theory and more on the practical tools that CX managers need in their daily work. A high interactive training component and the case studies to be worked on ensure that new knowledge is applied immediately.

Last but not least, we expect intensive networking and exchange of experience among the participants – also outside the training sessions. We see the CX Academy as a contribution to the development and expansion of a lively CX community in the German-speaking region.

What distinguishes us from other certification providers?

  1. Broad knowledge base in all areas of CX: The training is conducted by 3-4 highly qualified CX experts. In addition, we bring in different experts depending on the topic.
  2. Personal interaction: We offer a guided course suitable for learners who prefer to work actively in a group. This also allows for individual questions and issues to be addressed during and after the course.
  3. Networking: Regardless of distance learning or physical attendance (after travel restrictions are lifted), we place a strong emphasis on networking. The programme goes hand in hand with a closed group atmosphere of no more than 20 participants from different sectors.
  4. Peer-to-peer exchange: After each module, you will be assigned to a partner to do exercises that mirror the course content of the previous module.
  5. Direct link to your progress: You receive practical tips based on your current situation as well as a check-up a few weeks after the course. This helps you to directly implement the tasks and topics and supports the progress of your CX programme.