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Customer satisfaction is an important driver of economic success. This knowledge is becoming more and more widespread among companies. As a result, the customer is moving more and more into the centre of company-wide initiatives and the customer voice is becoming an obligatory component in innovations and further developments. The goal is to systematically align the entire organisation with the customer, i.e. to establish a comprehensive customer experience management. Our CX methodology provides a holistic view of the current situation and offers systematic approaches to optimising the customer journey.


CX Explorer: Our quick check for you

How customer-centric is your company? How advanced is your customer experience management? Answer our quick check questions and learn more about your individual strengths, weaknesses and optimisation potential. After answering, you will receive an individual result report with your score, a classification and concrete advice. Our CX Explorer helps you find the right starting points to raise your customer experience management to a Best-in-Class level.

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Next-level CX: Opportunities for further development of CX activities

CX management is an approach that can be continuously developed. In the competition for the best customer experience, new approaches are constantly emerging that can be added to the standard process. Thus, the…


CX Academy: Your training to become a CX Master

CX management is here to stay. Many companies are creating their own CX units that are permanently responsible for the topic. Our holistic training is the way to build up the necessary internal know-how. Take advantage of our many years of expertise to train yourself or your colleagues or employees to become a CX Master.

We launched the CX Academy a few years ago together with InMoment, a software provider for CX. We have a long-standing cooperation and a clear focus on the topic of customer experience management.


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Would you like to learn more about customer experience management for car dealers, financial service providers or industrial trade? Then contact us, we transfer our methodology to your industry and develop holistic and systematic approaches and solutions.