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Our claim


We are sparring partners for the successful implementation of change processes.

We deliver knowledge, strategies, concepts and measures that make your company more successful.

We offer a unique combination of academic excellence, eye-to-eye collaboration and a hands-on mentality for sustainable results.

We make you best-in-class.




Our industries

You need experts who know their way around your industry – with an eye for trends and implementable solutions.

You make decisions based on data and facts and need suitable benchmarks and best-in-class examples.

You trust people who act at eye level.


Our competencies & expertise


Career at MSR

We are looking for ambitious team players and inquisitive character heads who want to work on challenging projects for top companies. We don’t find new tasks, working at the client’s site and changing contacts stressful, but exciting. Working at MSR means tackling future issues and constantly developing existing ones.