Why is the topic important?

In order to be able to contact your customers digitally or by telephone in a legally secure manner, the corresponding consent is required according to the GDPR. If this consent is not available, digital interaction becomes a real challenge.

A systematic development of a consent management leads to:

  • Increased customer satisfaction, your customers want more digital interaction
  • Increased customer loyalty and referrals
  • Even more opportunities for cross-selling
  • Reactivation of unserviced customer bases through digital interaction

Financial service providers have recognised the issue, but face a major challenge in implementing it. Our study clearly shows that more than 80% of customers have not given their consent for a digital approach.

This is exactly where our approach comes in; we support you in the development of a holistic consent management approach. Get in touch with us now.

How do we solve the problem?

Systematic consent management with a clear proof of benefit is successful

Compare your opt-in rate with relevant competitors. Find out which activities are promising to increase it.

Our results show: Individual companies have already recognised the relevance of systematic consent management and are far ahead in the comparison. Some others, however, are still at the beginning and have hardly any consent from their customers.

You can participate in the benchmarking study Consent Management free of charge. Contact us now and arrange a non-binding initial consultation.