Benchmarking with KUBUS

We make you Best-in-Class when it comes to customer and sales partner orientation.

Our analyses have been showing the same picture for years: customer and sales partner orientation are the decisive factors for future business success. This applies to all sectors, but is demonstrably particularly strong in financial services. In the insurance industry, it is evident that winners in customer and sales partner orientation grow the most and also have the lowest cost ratios. The connection is quite simple: enthusiastic customers conclude more contracts with an insurer and also recommend it more often.

But: Only those who really know their customers and sales partners are able to manage their satisfaction and thus be successful in the long term.

Fig.: Ratio of customer orientation to contract growth at top insurers in Germany
Sources: BaFin statistics and annual reports 2014-2017, KUBUS Privatkunden

Customer and sales partner orientation in the insurance industry can be managed.

How to make customer and sales partner orientation successful in the insurance industry can be illustrated particularly well by the following Best-in-Class client examples.

Example Insurance Clients

Success factors in implementation

  • Establishment of a continuous feedback system incl. systematic linking of top-down and bottom-up perspectives
  • Expansion of operationally and strategically directly effective CX structures
  • Use of 1:1 customer feedback as the linchpin of transformations
  • Customer guiding as a design principle for optimising the customer journey

Example Insurance Broker

Success factors in implementation

  • NPS is included in the variable remuneration of the managers
  • Needs-oriented SLAs for different broker segments
  • Implementation of SLAs in sales and operations
  • Business case simulations as a basis for investments in operational optimisation in sales and operations

KUBUS is the leading tool for managing customer and sales partner orientation in the insurance industry.

The KUBUS studies (KUBUS stands for Kundenorientiertes Benchmarking zur Unternehmens-Steuerung) and the benchmarks from the KUBUS Touchpoint database enable an objective positioning on the topic of customer orientation.

Differentiated results put you in the position:

KUBUS maps the essential target groups in different competitive environments of the insurance industry in a differentiated manner:

This is what KUBUS contains.

All KUBUS instruments are based on a uniform logic. The focus in each case is on identifying the most important drivers for future business success.