Next-level CX: Opportunities for further development of CX activities

CX management is an approach that can be continuously developed. In the competition for the best customer experience, new approaches are constantly emerging that can be added to the standard process. As the amount of data increases, it also offers more possibilities for evaluation and learning systems (advanced analytics).

In this way, companies work on transferring the information gained from the feedback surveys for CRM and ultimately for the design of customised offers and services for individual customers. Holistic KPI dashboards, i.e. the consolidation and mapping of all internal and external data relating to the customer, are also part of the analytical focus.

Another focus of the Next Level CX expansion stage is Cultural Change. A holistic culture programme with company-wide sensitisation, integration of CX into leadership and management systems, but also the addition of Employee Experience (EX) to CX. This also takes into account internal service relationships, the quality of which in turn affects the customer experience.

What many CX managers find difficult in the beginning is the implementation of larger measures. This is another focus in the Next Level area. By calculating a business case and driver modelling, measures can be prioritised in a forward-looking way. Ultimately, it is easier to obtain resources for measures whose monetary value can be calculated. The connection to the internal project portfolio management and the redesign of internal processes are also components.


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