Torben Tietz

Torben Tietz joined MSR in 2002 and is now managing partner.

He focuses on supporting financial service providers and industrial companies and is an expert in B2C and B2B customer relations. His thematic focus is on customer experience management and customer-oriented product, service and pricing design.

He represents the customer’s perspective from the deep conviction that a consistent customer orientation is the essential success factor for companies. In doing so, it is particularly important to him to derive successful market cultivation strategies from an understanding of customer psychology and the resulting customer behaviour.

Last but not least, for him market research must above all be action-oriented and provide a sound basis for management decisions against the background of limited resources.

The thematic focus of his projects lies in the following areas:

Torben Tietz accompanies his clients on a long-term basis in the customer-oriented alignment of their organisation. It is important to him to mobilise the company with the results. In doing so, it is important to turn those “affected” into participants. Because in the end, he is convinced, every employee wants to do a good job for their customer.

Before MSR, he studied business administration in Germany, England and Japan and worked for various market research companies in Germany and England.