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Our industries


We specialize in lines of business where long-lasting customer relations are the key for success: insurance, banks & savings banks, leasing enterprises, building societies, public health insurance, automotive, media & print, industrial goods. Our deep understanding and many years of experience in these industries are the major prerequisite for substantial and useful results for your business.

With our deep understanding of business models and close cooperation with our Consulting colleagues we have an ear on the market and are familiar with the topics that concern our clients. Due to the broad experience in our major industries our clients receive unique benchmark information that helps them place their business in the market and gives them an advantage over their competitors.

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Today, more than ever, the business model of insurance companies is subject to a number of conflicting political and technical developments. The insurance business is very much in the public focus (consumer protection, data protection), highly affected by political decisions and faces great challenges as a result of digitization: against this background a redesign of business models is of major importance. Essentially here is the “battle for customer relations”. Based on our extensive expertise, we support companies with proven methods and innovative approaches in the analysis and derivation of consequences for a new form of customer orientation.

Together with its clients, MSR Insights develops a new form of customer orientation.
Concentrating on specific target groups is crucial for success.

Banks & savings banks

A long-lasting low-interest environment, increasing regulation and attention from consumerists as well as a very fast growing digitization dynamic with new competitors – these are the main challenges that banks and savings banks face today. There is hardly any profit in small retail business anymore. This is why it is crucial to promote promising segments such as affluent private customers and business clients. These are the target groups we focus on. We provide vital information for a company strategy that is geared to customer requirements and demands.


Other financial services

Building societies

Since the financial crisis there has been a hype about house-saving. Home building activities of the past years fuel the credit business. But the challenges of a low-interest environment have a massive impact on building societies. New products – as a result of low interest – need a different kind of marketing. Also during cost cutting programs the quality of customer service must be insured. Last but not least, the competition for sales resources will get more intense.

We support building societies with information on the needs and expectations which customers and sales partners have regarding advice, customer care and service, and how they rank among the competitors. An essential question is also, what (digital) service innovations may help them stand out from the competition.

Public health insurance

Among public health insurance companies competition is politically desired and, by means of political regulations, intensified – in future as much as today. Next to a strict cost cutting program, service orientation combined with sound customer communication becomes an essential competitive factor. The supplemental premiums in Germany have clearly shown that customers are reluctant to change their public health insurance provider despite an additional financial burden.

We support public health insurance companies with information on customer expectations and their performance against competitors. We help with a meaningful customer segmentation in order to be able to design effective communication with members and as a means to gain new customers.


Only a few years ago, financial and fiscal benefits still made the product “leasing” an attractive option . Today, for many companies, leasing frequently is only one of various financing alternatives, so that providers are increasingly required to understand their clients’ specific demands and design their products and value added services accordingly. Moreover, established leasing companies are faced with new types of competition, such as in the car fleet business.

In this transition period we support the industry with information on their customers’ needs and expectations regarding customer care, service and core products, and how the business ranks among the competition.

Customer demands on sales -, customer care - and service processes at a dealership have changed radically over the last years.


Challenges for manufacturers and importers are manifold: e-mobility, changed purchase behavior, extended value creation through financing and insurance offers, controlling of regional market development activities and many more.

We support manufacturers, importers and trade chains in their market development activities. Thanks to our colleagues of MSR Consulting with many years of experience in automotive consulting we have access to comprehensive understanding of the needs and requirements of the trade and include this perspective in our projects. After all, a manufacturer always has two groups of customers: the end customer and the dealer.


Industrial manufacturing

A deep understanding of customer needs and market development as well as the exploitation of potential gains in after sales are essential challenges, in particular in mechanical engineering. Also, the globally differing customer and sales partner requirements in relation to industry standard 4.0 need to be taken into account.

We offer implementation oriented market research, e.g. by means of personal expert interviews with 1:1 reporting, or quantitative analyses. Our sound understanding of business logics helps – we feel at home in the B2B environment. As a result of our extensive market expertise demanding target groups accept us as a competent partner at eye level for interviews.

Proximity to the customer is a decisive factor for competitors.
BALZ shows what advertising customer and readers need.

Media & print

We support publishing firms in developing or advancing their offering in print media and online via customer needs assessments and customer satisfaction analyses. These are based on subscriber/reader or advertising customer surveys regarding their expectations, satisfaction and buying patterns.

To this end, MSR Insights has developed a diversified tool, the most important part of which is BALZ (“Barometer für Anzeigenkunden- und Leser-Zufriedenheit” – tool for advertising customer and reader satisfaction).