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Our competences


In many markets, customer expectations and buying patterns change in ever shorter cycles. Understanding customer needs and orienting companies quickly towards these needs therefore becomes an important factor for profitable growth. Winners are those players that understand the dynamics of markets and shape them actively. It is our aim to provide them

with innovative “insights” and thus with a clear competitive advantage. Our claim: We push innovations in customer research! From the research design to the presentation of results and recommendations our products and services are strictly aligned to your management’s perspective.


Satisfaction research

Based on our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we align market research tools strictly to the respective business models. We develop specific and practical models about the drivers of customer satisfaction, service level analyses and target and controlling systems. We provide “insights” which contribute significantly to successful corporate management and a better customer experience. The leverage of satisfaction, delight and retention on growth and revenue is always in our focus.

At the center of our benchmark competence is KUBUS. Over 50 financial service businesses participate in our regular satisfaction studies for customers and sales partners, based on a uniform and standardized method. With more than 500,000 interviews these results are the basis for industry-specific benchmark information of a unique depth and breadth. For over 10 years KUBUS market studies have helped us generate continuous market data on customer satisfaction, recommendation behavior and customer retention for the different sub-segments of the financial services industry.

Only a consistently positive contact experience at all touch points leads to customer retention and growing profits.
Knowledge of the exact customer requirements is the basis for success.

Customer expectations

Growing customer demands in many markets are the reason why it is increasingly difficult for companies to distinguish themselves from the competition and retain customers long-term. In many markets only customer delight can make a lasting difference.

With the help of our specially developed method JDI (journey driver identification) we “take your customers on a journey” and find out the particular strengths and weaknesses of your company. Tangible best practice approaches from various markets set the standards for customer delight and form the horizon for your individual improvement potential.


Buying pattern

Particularly in industries with complex products and services the customer’s decision making process is of greatest importance. Companies need to have detailed knowledge of the different phases of a purchasing decision in order to be able to control factors such as price level, scope of services, additional product components and alternative products in the various phases of a customer’s decision making process effectively. The picture of homo economicus is still very popular. But customers do not really act as rationally as companies assume.

Even if they are frequently emotional, impulsive or uninformed in their actions, there are clear and stable patterns in their decisions. We help you to systematically use these findings for your competitive advantage.

Even apparently irrational decisions follow certain clear patterns.
The ideal product meets the customer's requirements and is easy to sell.

Products and prices

There is great potential in the optimization of products and prices as they have an immediate impact on the profitability of companies.

With our tool set for customer-oriented pricing we support you right from the start: from a first idea over the optimization of the product to the final pricing and development of the sales process. We believe in a mixture of innovative and proven methods, such as conjoint, crowd sourcing, job-to-be-done concept and design thinking.

We take the behavior pattern of consumers and sales partners into account by aligning the price level, price structure, price dynamics and price communication to the perspective of both groups.



What are the different needs of customers in my market? Which segments can be distinguished? How do my target customers react? What are the needs and attitudes behind that? What value do our customers have for our company – today and in future?An answer to these questions is essential – for the strategic positioning of the company as well as for the development of operative processes. But: there is more than one answer. Potentially as many as there are target customers. In order to be able to reach practical insights and implement controlling tools for tracking these questions, segmentations are important. From micro segmentation to ABC segmentation; from needs segmentation to value segmentation – we are experienced in the development and implementation and manage the balancing act between complexity and accuracy of segmentations that are long-term and successful.

Successful companies identify attractive segments and orient themselves strictly towards their requirements.
Getting to know the customer without asking him - that's what big data does.

Data analytics

The amount of data on people, processes and many areas related to the environment is growing exponentially. Business intelligence – scoring – big data are buzz words which attract a lot of attention. For more than 10 years MSR Insights has been leading in the development and implementation of business relevant applications. We have developed numerous new concepts and improved existing techniques in many areas. Data management, data governance and analytics are among our core competences. Whether in our own office or on-site at our client’s, whether development or implementation or advice and coaching of specialists at your company – we adjust our services to your requirements. Moreover, with our extensive consulting experience we generate a high additional value in our projects, which results from understanding your business, your management decisions and tools.

From data, we generate insights, revenue and growth.