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Our competences


“Our clear topical focus guarantees a maximum of expertise in design and implementation”

This is why we have remained true to our areas of expertise for the past 25 years: sales management, service, customer management and the management of retail and service networks.

“Two of our objectives: Customer centricity and corporate alignment”

Understanding the customer’s perspective and eliminating silo mentality together form the basis for customer centered business processes and an improved customer relationship management.

In retail and service sustained changes are only possible if we strongly involve the people who work in close customer contact. For a successful development of retail and service networks well-defined and strictly pursued performance processes are essential.

“Measurement drives behaviour.”

Together with our colleagues at MSR Insights we install intelligent measurement systems which link internal with external data and thus constitute an important enabler for sustained change.


Customer relationship management

MSR Consulting strongly contributes in shaping customer management in its main areas of expertise: By developing strategic business models, designing and implementing processes and tools, advancing measurement tools and promoting change management in client companies.

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In a world of ever increasing freedom of choice the battle for the customer decides competition.
A successful retail organization brings brain and heart together - system and passion.

Sales management

MSR Consulting is a proven business partner of companies regarding strategic and operative retail development: from the design of business models, the organization and processes, over reward systems, to the coaching of retail units.

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We develop service business models and design excellent and efficient processes that help our clients fulfill their business partners’ and customers’ expectations. Based on our know-how in customer research and a large number of comparative data we design distinguishing service processes which significantly boost customer satisfaction and efficiency. Our competence guarantees a successful implementation.

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The first product is sold in sales, all others in service.
It is the ideal sales and service footprint that makes the difference.

Sales and service network management

In all questions related to sales and service network management we support clients of various lines of business in international and national projects. We understand the lines of business we work for as well as the requirements of network planners and customers. Our projects help organize sales and service networks in such a way that existing market and customer potentials are exploited in the best possible way. With many projects this includes on-site implementation of concepts at the individual client locations.

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