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About MSR


Customers’ and retail partners’ expectations towards companies and customer relations are changing. Through digitization, business relations and customer information have fundamentally changed, creating opportunities for new or significantly improved services.

The support of MSR Insights and MSR Consulting empowers our clients to comprehend the expectations of customers and retail partners in depth, how they compare to the competition, and to develop and push change processes even further.


MSR Partner Group LTR André Denneburg, Andreas C. Müller, Dr. Eberhard Peill, Torben Tietz, Michael Kullmann.


The work of MSR Consulting does not end with a strategy proposal for customer management, sales, and customer-related services, but after the successful implementation of that strategy. Our consultants are unique in their profound sector know-how, teamwork skills, and social competency; through which we motivate all stakeholders and promote change processes successfully.

MSR Insights collects and provides information and approaches of actions for the optimization of the relationship towards customers, retail partners, and employees. We make use of a wide range of qualitative and quantitative market research methods – including classic surveys (personal, phone, online), data mining and big data. Through our comprehensive branch-oriented benchmarks, our clients can compare their performance to the market and market-leaders, and from this derive targeted measures.